Xtrem Aventures

Xtrem Aventures is the perfect place for your friends and family, birthday parties, team-building events, youth group outings, and more! Whether it’s the state of the art lazer tag, the personal attention from dedicated party hosts, or the specially-designed team-building game formats,

Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum

Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum is a unique museum presents large collection of classic cars. It is located in the Sariyer district, nearby the Maslak. The museum displays huge car collection of Ural Ataman and contains 63 fabulous classic cars and opened its doors to the guests in 2012.

Forests nearby the Maslak District

Istanbul is a magical city, provides wide range of activity options for both locals and tourists like sports, sightseeing tours, big festivals, any kind of food restaurants, entertainments and many more.


With great pride we present to you, our special guests: Xantos. This is our new brand which is founded by Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul and delicately produced by Michel Gülçiçek. Xantos is a special product that delicately blends orange – pelargonium -grapefruit- patchouli’s flavours in a perfect way.

Best Beaches Near Istanbul

If you are looking for a peaceful beach within a short ride in Istanbul, this is the post that you need. It is easy to make your special daily holiday with your family or friends when you are in Istanbul.

Top Shopping Places in Istanbul

Everyone has their own favourite things to do during their travels. I think shopping is one of the most popular activities, especially for the women. In Istanbul you have lot of options from little bazaars and boutiques to the big shopping malls.