AgroGeoinformatics Conference at Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul



AgroGeoinformatics Conference 2015, is being held at Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul

The AgroGeoinformatics Conference 2015, being held for the 4th time, has been started with the participation of Mr. Mehdi Eker, the minister of food, agriculture and livestock.

4th International Agro-Geoinformatics Conference 2015, hosted by Istanbul Technical University (ITU), will be held in Steigenberger Maslak Istanbul with the contributions of Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Lifestock, United States Department of Agriculture, IEEE, TARBIL, George Mason University between 20th – 24th of July.

The Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul which hosted plenty of national and international meetings, is opening its doors to this conference. Conference will be home to discussions about agriculture with 151 articles, written by scientists from the universities of 21 different countries. The attendants of Agro-Geoinformatics 2015 Conference, shows how much importance that Turkey gives to researches on this fields. The event will be hosted by Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul, which provides an impressive atmosphere with its recently renovated significant conference halls, in the heart of Istanbul, Maslak.

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Livestock of Turkey, Mr. Mehdi Eker, also made a speech at the opening of the conference. In his speech, Mr. Eker underlined the importance of getting and processing the accurate data about the agriculture then applying this information precisely on the field, while production pressure and waste numbers are increasing.