Best Beaches Near Istanbul

If you are looking for a peaceful beach within a short ride in Istanbul, this is the post that you need. It is easy to make your special daily holiday with your family or friends when you are in Istanbul. Escape for a day or two from the city crowd and busy life is such a motivator to start a new week sometimes.

These beaches are fabulous for snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming and resting under the sunlight or dancing at the beach parties by drinking a coctail. But there are a lot of options (more than 20) to make a decision which one is better for you. I hope you will make this decision quicker, easier and effortless with the list below:

Suma Beach

Suma Beach is a trendy and unique place with its weekend parties near the beach. Every weekend (starts from friday to sunday evening) place hosts several gigs in the forest and the beach. Welcoming many artists, especially from Europe, and offering many special coctails and morning beach parties, it mostly keep going until sunday evening. If you want to just chill out and swimming under the sunlight, want to have some peace, then week days are better for you to go there.

Beyond these gigs, I it is a private beach and provides free Wi-Fi, food options and a  bar.  Thrill seekers can even do a session of ultra light aviation . The club also organizes late afternoon volleyball tournaments and beach soccer tournaments. Showers and dressing rooms are available. Have a good weekend!

Weekdays:25tl    Weekends: 40tl

Burc Beach

Beach belongs to Bogazici University and it is one the mosr popular beaches in Istanbul. It is located along the Black Sea coast. With seemingly never-ending seashore, decorated with beach umbrellas, a beach bar and beach-goers partaking in water-sports of all kinds. It is a really big place and has so many sunbeds and umbrellas. It is really hard to get bored here, you can play beach volleyball, drink a fresh coctail or sunbathing all day or weekend. On the weekends, they have beach parties but if you want to rest and don’t want to attend a party like that, place has a spacious area and gives you a chance to chill. Also there are some bars and cafes, it provides you plenty of food options.Showers and dressing rooms are available. Have fun!

Weekdays: 30tl   Weekends: 45tl

Babylon Kilyos

Babylon Kilyos (former Dalia Beach), another place to visit for a weekend, is located on the Demircikoy cove. It is a really great relaxing place and has its own peaceful atmosphere. Babylon is big enough to do some sports activity. It will be held lots of organizations this summer with becoming one of the Babylon places. Music is also provided by Babylon team and DJ’s. There are so many food options in here, from aegean kitchen to fast foods (hamburgers, pizzas, pides etc. on minivans through the beach) . But I think one of the most striking things are paddleboats and canoes that can be rent,  for an hThere are areas designated for trekkers as well as paddleboat and canoes available for use; here comes the suprise for surfers, they have surf boards too..  Showers and dressing rooms are available. Enjoy!

Weekdays: 40tl   Weekends: 50tl

Solar Beach

Solar Beach opens its doors at 08:30 am till to the end of September. With its expansive seashore, concert and performance stages and endless sports activities, Solar Beach help you to keeping busy till the second you step out to leave. The beach club also features a Beach Bar, Solar Bar, BBQ Corner, 6 extra bars and 4 extra eating areas, Kids Club, 9 sunbathing terraces and of course showers and dressing rooms. There is a huge options for water activities such as windsurfing, jet-skiing, banana-boating and inner-tubing. 

Weekdays: 15tl   Weekends: 25tl