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TOUR 3- Full Day/Including Lunch


TOUR 3- Full Day/Including Lunch

This is a combination of Tours 1&2
With a complimentary lunch at a typical Turkish restaurant.
Includes: Transportation by air conditioned vehicles, fully escorted by an English speaking tour guide, admission fees.
The Hippodrome has been a center for sports and entertainment in the old Constantinople, the Roman capital; as well as very important center for politics, as sports and politics were closely knitted up at these times.

The Blue Mosque
It was the dying wish of Sultan Ahmet, who perished at a young age at the 17th century, due to a disease, to finish the mosque so that his name would live forever. It is called Blue Mosque by visitors who fell in the awe of the delicate designs of Ottoman tiles that decorate the walls of shrine.

The Haghia Sophia
The “Shrine of Holy Wisdom”, the marvelous Byzantine basilica built in the 6th century Marks the true beginning of the golden age of Justinianus, the conqueror of Africa and Italy, who achieved lasting fame through the complete revision of all Roman law, resulting in what is known today as the Corpus Juris Civilis.
The domed construction of the sanctuary is an architectural innovation; and was so richly and artistically decorated that Justinian proclaimed, “Solomon, I have outdone thee!”. Mankind would have to wait for over millennia before being able to build a cathedral that would surpass the gigantic size of Haghia Sophia.

Grand Bazaar
The largest and the most attractive covered bazaar in the world ; where people have been trading diamonds, carpets, food, perfumes, and, even gossip for centuries!

The Topkapı Palace
Has been the Imperial residence of the Ottoman Sultans from the 15th to the 19th century.Its design, initially devised by Sultan Mehmed himself and then enhanced by Sinan, hides clues of the rituals of the structure of Ottoman hierarchy and the running of state affairs.
Home to the imperial treasury and the cabinet, as well as being the site of the barracks fort he Janissaries, the elite of the army, every corner of the palace tells about the splendor of the Ottomans. Apart  from the priceless treasury, a distinguished collection of Chinese porcelains, holy relics, sultan’s costumes and imperial weaponry are exhibited in different sections of the palace.

Rustem Pasha Mosque
A 16th century Ottoman Mosque, which was built in the name of the treasurer and the son-in-law of Suleiman the Magnificent, before he fell out of the Sultan’s favor and removed from service. It is known to host the best examples of handmade Iznik tiles, in both interior and exterior walls ; and, of course, it is seated on a complex of shops, which will give you a taste of the city’s vivid local colors.