Dr. Cem Kınay, known to bring new concepts to Turkish service industry, preparing to make presence and new identity of Steigenberger Hotel, located at the ever growing business and entertainment center, Maslak Istanbul. Dr. Kınay explained “Our new formation is started with “Magic Smiling” concept, always a warm welcome to our guests.” and brought Bleasure concept to Istanbul.

Cem Kınay and his team decided to work on Bleasure concept that tries to increase efficiency of guests free and/or spare time by attending to some time consuming needs of our guests. One of the best features of Bleasure concept is making lobby and bottom floor of our hotel living spaces. Our lobby and bottom floor Cuba bar are recently restored from top to bottom with creating a meeting point and technology corner. Another feature of our concept is connecting our lobby and restaurant over a glass wall so that our guests can spend their time and enjoy some food while observing kitchen activities.

Another inspiration of our concept is to increase hotel activities by noticing growing widespread interest to reachable art.  Our team, inspired by this, decided to bring reachable art to Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul. Our lobby will be home to many exhibitions and art activities over the year. Our bottom floor will also be transformed to a charming meeting place for cinema by building a new cinema theater.

Another feature of Bleasure concept is to make our guests feel at home. Our team is preparing new surprises to transform our business hotel perception to a more sincere, warm home perception, making our guests feel at home.


Feeling like you are coming at your own home is  another BLEASURE CONCEPT’ specialty. Our team turn artificial business hotel  idea into a more confident, cozy home atmosphere and planning to new suprises to the guests.