Steigenberger – the name synonymous with exceptional hotels and historic grand hotels in premium locations, all offering excellent service. As a pioneer in the European luxury hotel industry since 1930, we welcome guests with our vision of a Made in Germany hotel culture.

Heritage of hospitality

Innovation is our tradition. It was Steigenberger, for example, which introduced the idea of airport hotels to Germany, launched one of the first electronic reservation systems, and built catering facilities at airports. As early as the 1970s, our company developed new holiday hotel and vacation concepts featuring animation, sport, culture and wellness 
that became trendsetting for the entire industry, and founded its own hotel management school.

Grand hotels that stand apart

For decades, Steigenberger Grand Hotels have played a central role in the social and business life of their city or region, reviving the illustrious tradition of European luxury hotels behind their splendid facades. Their philosophy of hospitality and consummate 
service centre on the guest s wishes. As soon as he enters the characterful, generally historic Grand Hotels, he leaves behind the everyday routine and experiences first-class luxury including gourmet cuisine often honored with a Michelin star.


Every detail contributes to making the guest s stay as enjoyable as can be. All Steigenberger Grand Hotels have one thing in common: they lead the guest into another world, assuring relaxation at the highest level in an elegant atmosphere.


Wherever luxury, elegance and festive splendor prevail, no one will sense the orchestrated effort behind it.


Where the art of giving people a home away rom home is mastered, so is the art of bringing them together.


The soul of a location often generates the atmosphere in which results are achieved.


Imparting a sense of wellbeing was part of our credo long before the term wellness was invented.

Steigenberger Istanbul Maslak

Comfort in Style

Every Steigenberger Hotel is a work of art in its own right. Renowned architects and designers take pains to reflect 
the history and location of the properties. No two are alike, yet all breathe the spirit of distinguished hospitality.


More perhaps than anything else, it is people who impart he Steigenberger flair – from Doorman to General Manager. 
It is our exceptional commitment to warmly welcome each guest and to anticipate his every wish.

Customized experiences

Every guest has his own expectations of a stay in a Steigenberger business hotel or resort. While business travelers and conference guests place a premium on state-of-the-art technology – be it at a spacious workplace in their room, 
or in the excellently equipped conference facilities – others seek an oasis of quiet where they can recharge their batteries.

Meaning, above all: creating a masterpiece with the focus on customers, initiators, guests. In other words, innovative 
individuality rather than run-of-the-mill conformity.


To delight our guests and cater to their every wish, we rely not only on all the amenities and services of the modern luxury hospitality industry but, above all, on outstanding staff who act as welcoming hosts.

A sophisticated continuing education program 
supports the personal aptitudes of each staff member, heightening their motivation -for the benefit of our guests.