"Steigenberger Hotels Group” has stood for top-class European hospitality since 1930…

“Steigenberger Hotels Group” has stood for top-class European hospitality since 1930…

Steigenberger Hotels Group, one of the most prestigious hotels in Europe, scrupulous takes great care for every single guest and also gives them unforgettable memories before they leave the hotel.

As a leader of Europe’s luxury hotel sector, “Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts” provides the best service with its “Made in Germany” hotel vision and keeps growing and growing. Steigenberger Hotels Group always goes in valuable and dependable partnerships for making excellent targets. They believe that getting a natural smile or an honest compliment from the customers are the most important proofs of success. The group carried out extensive work about everything with the National and International Business Development Team, the brand also has a strong distribution system focusing to the target groups and online sales with its powerful brand management.

The group that keeps providing the tradition since 1930, met with Istanbul on April.

Maslak, business center of the city, was chosen for bringing German service perfectionism and Turkish hospitality together. Puneet Chhatwal, the CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG, expressed his thoughts on the press conference that published last April, with these words:

With its unique position by combining European and Asian continents, Istanbul was a very important target to expand our hotels group. With this merger, we brought excellent German quality of service as a plus value to our guests who will visit Turkey.

Oguz Serim expressed his vision concerning the opening “This new and exciting transformation to our hotel and the building of our new brand will raise its profile even higher among the elite hotels in Istanbul. Steigenberger’s expansive vision and reach puts it on the forefront of hotel development and management for the 21st century. To rebrand ourselves as a hotel in Istanbul Maslak with this eye toward the future is exciting.

Cem Kinay stated, that their aim is to realize a string of novelties to highlight Steigenberger Hotel  Maslak Istanbul as a center of attraction. Kinay added that the opening will be added to Maslak’s identity as an emerging life-style center. Emphasizing that they are determined to expand the impact of this rebranding to equally ideal locations across Turkey, Kinay added that a string of surprises are on the way.