“Steigenberger The Brasserie”… the place which is filled with unforgettable tastes of food and friendship

“Steigenberger The Brasserie”… the place which is filled with unforgettable tastes of food and friendship.

 Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul, has started to serve to its guest with “Steigenberger The Brasserie”, by interpreting the definition of “brasserie” concept truly, “delicious food and drinks in a sincere atmosphere”. “Steigenberger The Brasserie”, which is located in the lobby of Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul, aims to create a different and unforgettable experience for its guests’ with variety choices of delicious food and drinks in an energetic atmosphere. The meeting point of real-quality-chasers, Steigenberger The Brasserie is a place where everyone can feel in home. It offers a different experience with its joyous atmosphere, delicious food and, as the most important, debonair service. The menu is a modern combination of the roots of the Turkish Cuisine and French Brasserie concept. From breakfast to 5-o’clock tea, the place is also suitable for the business meals and dinners, which are crowned by delicious wines. The kitchen of Steigenberger The Brasserie is a generous one, with the delicious choices it offered.

Every hour of the day, is filled with joy!

Steigenberger The Brasserie has been a special location for any hour in the day with its unique atmosphere, delicious food and drinks. Friends, families, business colleagues and people who have passion on taste are choosing Steigenberger The Brasserie. This is a place you will definitely find so much more than a restaurant.

Steigenberger The Brasserie, prepares delicious tastes and flavors for its guests with its a la carte menu, which contains conventional Turkish Cuisine with a modern touch and innovated version of Ottoman Cuisine with recent cooking techniques, awarded kitchen crew and devoted