Top Shopping Places in Istanbul

Everyone has their own favourite things to do during their travels. I think shopping is one of the most popular activities, especially for the women. In Istanbul you have lot of options from little bazaars and boutiques to the big shopping malls.

Our convenient location allows you to easily reach the most trendy and large shopping malls such as Istinye Park, Kanyon, Zorlu Center, MetroCity, Akmerkez, Cevahir, City’s, Sapphire and many more by using metro. Let’s look at the top shopping places in Istanbul and see which one we are going  to visit.

Istinye Park

Istinye Park is one the most biggest and chicest shopping malls in Istanbul and it is a true luxury to visit. The mall is built in 20015 and located in the Istinye neighbourhood of the Sariyer district and is different from the others with its avangard architecture style. It has brought a whole new spirit to the shopping culture in Istanbul, has an area of 242.000 sqm, offers an outdoor and indoor outstanding places with full of stores, coffee shops, cinemas and elegant restaurants.

With its giant glass dome and glass ceilings the mall bring the sun and gives to the visitors.A trip to the AFM cinema, home to the first IMAX screen in Istanbul, is the perfect end to a day of style surfing. I highly recommend this place, nearby the Maslak district and it takes only 5 minutes from Steigenberger Istanbul Maslak.


Kanyon is a huge complex which is located in the Levent district of Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey. It was opened in 2006 and contains 160 stores including Istanbul branches of British stores Harvey Nichols and Marks & Spencer, international brands such asSwarovski,Mango and Villeroy & Boch and Turkish staples Vakko, Beymen Club and Paşabahçe. a 30-floor office tower and a 22-floor residential block with 179 residential apartment.

It has an area of 250,000 sqm, with 30,000 m2 of sqm. Kanyon, a cool and breezy semi-outdoor alternative to the city’s indoor shopping centres, award-winning design is reminding of the curve and depth of a canyon. It is nearby the Maslak district, it takes max 10 minutes from Steigenberger Istanbul Maslak. If you use the metro from Maslak Metro Station, you should get off at Leven Metro Station. (approx. 7 minutes).

Zorlu Centre

Zorlu Centre unites the elegant stores with high class restaurants, has an outstanding ambiance which is created by famous Turkish architect Emre Arolat. It has an area of 105.000 sqm and home to over than 180 stores.

Zorlu Shopping Mall creates difference with its gourmet concep including Tom’s Kitchen, Jamie’s Italian and Eately which are opened to their walls for the first time in Turkish markets. Also you can find some famous local restaurants such as Günaydın, Welldone ,Far East and Köşebaşı.

If you use the metro from Maslak Metro Station, you should get off at Gayrettepe Metro Station. (approx. 7 minutes).