Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum

Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum is a unique museum presents large collection of classic cars. It is located in the Sariyer district, nearby the Maslak. The museum displays huge car collection of Ural Ataman and contains 63 fabulous classic cars and opened its doors to the guests in 2012. One of the most striking things is how these cars are still in a good shape like this. They are protecting carefully, you are going to feel this when you step inside the museum.

Ural Ataman, founder of the museum, had a lot of memories with 1964 model Ford. When he was a little child, his father was driving that car and most of the time, he was sitting next to him. One day, he saw the same car in some kind of car show and after than that he couldn’t stop him self. It turn into a passion to which he couldn’t not  resist.

Museum built with the gleaming glass; it has a living atmosphere with full of nostalgia. The building and its ambiance reflect the 60’s and 70’s era perfectly, also contains lot of other industrial and automotive paraphernalia like fuel pumps, jukeboxes, and wheel covers. If you are interested in classic cars, this museum should be a heaven for you.

The concept for the birth of this Museum was the nostalgia founder Ural Ataman had for his happy childhood days in Bodrum, with his father who was the town physician and Mayor, in their 1946 Ford. When he spotted this car in a show, he could not resist the temptation of buying it.

Museum only opens on Saturdays.