We spoke with İlker Erdoğan, who is a master chef on Turkish, French, Italian and Far East Cuisine, working for Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul for 4 years, about the “Steigenberger Kitchen”

“As Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul, our aim is to make our guests to enjoy the food and feel it in their lives.”

We spoke with İlker Erdoğan, who is a master chef on Turkish, French, Italian and Far East Cuisine, working for Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul for 4 years, about the “Steigenberger Kitchen”

1. Can u introduce yourself beriefly?

I was born in Bolu/Mengen in 1983. I completed my primary and high school education in Mengen. In 1994, I started to Mengen Anadolu Aşçılık Meslek Lisesi, which was the only cookery high school in Turkey , and graduated from there in 2001. After that, I majored Tourism Management in Abant İzzet Baysal University and jumped in to the professional life. After I have worked for several famous Mediterranean Region Hotels, I continued on my career in Istanbul since 2009. I have attended several courses on world cuisine. I have been working for Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul for 4 years.

2. What are the skills a chef should have in your point of view?

First of all, the chef has to love his job indeed. Cookery only allows talented people to be successful. For a chef, cooking has to be more than feeding people, it has to be an art form, which contains taste, presentation and sustainability.

Every person who intends to be a chef needs to be creative and innovative. Nowadays, understanding the quality of the food is enhanced. People’s expectations rapidly progress to edges.  Chefs have to be catch this progress and supply the demands of people.

3. What do you think about Turkish cuisine?

Generally, Turkish cuisine starts from Asian cuisiene and ends with the Ottoman cuisine. Turkish cuisine that we recently know comes from Ottoman and Arabic cuisines actually. I think real turkish cuisine should be come from seven national district. I am continuously working about this issue. I think I had a very important archive about it.

4. Would you give me some details about chocolate and boutique cake concept of Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul?

We have a spacious place for making cakes and chocolate. Also we are making our homemade truff chocolates and daily fresh celebrating cakes. using less animal oil is our specialty and that makes our products more healthy and freshy. You can provide the daily products from our standart sale market place or order your product style two days before taking. Steigenberger Pastry always pleased to serve you on your special days.

5.  What do you do for provide the real flavour at hotel’s kitchen? What kind of works are you doing during making a new menu?

As a kitchen team, we think that the most important thing is the taste of the food. People should enjoy from their food. Our first goal is always make people to feel that.

Every product has its own taste bu you can’t mix every kind of food. The important thing is use the right tastes at the right places.

Our vegetables are always daily and fresh. We choose them delicately and have no patient about that. We have a policy about not taking bad product to our kitchen.

We have a lot of menus such as wedding, gala, restaurant, open buffet and many more. And also we prepare some special menus for our daily guests too. Every menu has  a different purpose.

6.     Otelin Menülerinde hangi mutfaklarından lezzetler yer alıyor? Which cuisines

I always underline modern Turkish cuisine so you can see many examples of it on all the menus. But we serve international world cuisine for our guests who come from all over the world. We serve Asian breakfast for our  guests who came from Far East. When we see their happy faces, it makes us more than happy.

In our Banquet menus, our guests will enjoy the world cuisine by starting with French cuisine and then continue with Italian. Our team is very good at all of the cuisines. We are trying to provide top world tastes to our guests.

7. Lets talk about wedding menus, how did you decide when you were naming the menus?

Mostly, we are trying to put the taste of food to the front line. But also, I think that we are really successful on the wedding menus. We have many variety of choices in the menu and we also provide portions that would probably make our guest happy. We are trying to make our guests to feel that they came not only a wedding organisation but also a taste parade.

When we are selecting the menus for the weddings, there are several topics that you have to be sensitive about. We don’t choose products that will decrease the service quality.  All food that will be provided to the customer, needs to be has its own outstanding taste.

Before the wedding, we organise a food-tasting event, which is for the bride, groom and their families. Couples leave these tasting events very happy and relaxed, it is our job to make them happy :)

8.   What are you cooking for the special groups at the hotel?

Mostly they ordered a foof before coming the dinner. They want to eat their national foods and we can answer their requests. I think they leave here very pleased about that.

Our restaurant offers world cuisine, people can always find the right meal for their own taste and cuisines that they want to try.

9.     What are you preparing for the winter season?

You can find a lot of product even if it is summer or winter. But seasonal tastes are important at the right time. For an example, you don’t need use leek to cook in August. It is a winter vegetable and it is more juicy, green and delicious in winter. If you don’t use it in the right time it would be an ordinary weed. Our winter season preparing will be related with the products that we use and are going to use in our menu.