Weddings happen for a reason at Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul

We talked about our hotel’s service policy, how we welcome our guests  with a warm hospitality and every details happen during the wedding and  before the weddings with Ayça Günaydın, our Banquet & Catering Sales  Supervisor.

-What is the capacity of the hotel’s weeding saloons?

-We have tree places for weddings; two of them are Galaxy and Valentin…  Capacity of Galaxy is 550 people, Valentin is 500 people. When we connect  Galaxy with foyer area, we can provide service up to 500 people at the  weddings. And also we have Qubbe saloon at our hotel. Capacity of Qubbe  is 210 people. Most important thing about Qubbe is, it is located at the  26th floor at our hotel and provide 360 degree outstanding panoramic  Istanbul’s view.

-Can you give me some details about the hotel’s recently  renovated wedding saloon? Is it opened to the guests yet and  what are they thinking about that?

Yes, it is opened and we got very positive reactions from our guests. It  became a more modern and desirable place for all of the guests who come  from all over the world. We are providing a change of living the most  unforgettable wedding experience you can ever imagine. Like I mentioned  before, we can serve up to 1.500 people when we connect the saloon with  the foyer area. Our professional and experienced team take care of every    need of our couples at their weddings and make sure to be perfect.

-Do you have any new menus for the wedding course? What are  these?

Our Professional, Award Winner Chefs and their team are preparing  special menus for the wedding concept. Additionally,  we added another  menu to our top menu list lately. “Luxury” menu consists of steak for the  main course and seafood for the starters.

-How do the couples choose their wedding saloon? What is your  advice as a hotel that hosted over 100 weddings in a year? They should look into the hotel’s experience and service quality. I mean hotel can be opened lately and maybe don’t have enough experience for a wedding. Also guests should look into hotel’s wedding menus and presentation.

-What are your privileges for the weddings and other  organizations?

We are providing a change of living the most  unforgettable wedding  experience you can ever imagine. Our professional  and experienced team  always take care of couples need at their weddings and make sure to be  perfect. Our Professional, Award  Winner Chefs and their team are  preparing special menus for the wedding concept. We are realizing your  dream scenarios for weddings with our wide range of menu options and  high guest satisfaction. Besides that, our  hotel is located in the heart of  Istanbul,  safe and convenient area. Guests have a chance to make their  weddings at Qubbe which is located on the  26th floor at our hotel and  provides 360 degree outstanding,  panoramic Istanbul view. Lastly,  Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul’s biggest advantage is long term  experience and high service quality.

-How many weddings are you hosting at “Steigenberger”?

We are hosting many wedding organizations with our numerous options  and special service. My guess is 140 weddings, record for a year. So  Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul will continue to be the first choice for  couples considering marrying.

-One of the main points of the weddings is entertainment of the  guests. What kind of services are you providing to your guests  during and after wedding?

Our guests are expected to arrive before their wedding and welcomed with  a “Welcome Coctail”. They try our menu to taste the perfect flavour and  find the right one from our wide rage of food options. The menu and the  taste of our food are very important for the wedding. It is also important to  ensure the perfect service with our professional chefs and service personal.  Our service includes 1 suit room  for accommodation need of our couple, 2  additional rooms for accommodation need of the families, DJ  performance, 1 cameraman, after party, wedding cake, limitless local hard  or soft drinks. Our service also includes an anniversary dinner and 1 night  accommodation at our hotel.