With great pride we present to you, our special guests: Xantos. This is our new brand which is founded by Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul and delicately produced by Michel Gülçiçek.

Xantos is a special product that delicately blends orange – pelargonium -grapefruit- patchouli’s flavours in a perfect way. Each one of Xantos lotions and sahmpoos are an entirely unique experience and adressing a different skin need with fresh.

Did you know that patchouli ,a bushy herb of the mint family, makes you calmer and brighter?

Did you know that pelargonium and grapefruit makes you more confident, depression protected and happier?

These four hauntingly beautiful flowers can cut off all the negativities with their super powers: flavoured  smells!

We invite you to experience this perfect association which is come into existence by mixing romantic and flower smells in a perfect way.